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HCL Clamping: Supplier of Hose Clips & Hose Clamps

HCL Clamping offer a full range of Hose Clips, Hose Clamps and other clamping solutions to the USA market. As well as providing their own manufactured solutions HCL have partnered with a number of other Brands worldwide including Jubilee, Mikalor, Oetiker & Rotor to provide a comprehensive range of clamping products. In addition to the products within our catalog we are able to source other clamps according to the customer requirements.


Snap Fit & Ear Hose Clips

Within this range HCL offer their own plastic hose clamp products the Herbie Clip and the Ezyclik-P alongside metallic solutions including the Ezyclik-M automotive Clamp, The Zero Leak Ear Clamp and Mikalors Single & Double Ear Clips.

Snap Fit & Ear Clamps

Constant Tension Hose Clamps

A number of Spring or constant tension Clips are available including the Ezyclik®-M+, the Double Wire Clip and finally Rotors Constant Tension Lite & Constant Tension Standard Hose Clamps.

Compensating Clamps

Worm Gear Hose Clamps

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HCL Clamping offer a comprehensive range of Worm Gear or Screw Hose Clips to the USA Market. These include the standard Perforated Worm Gear Clamp, Quick Release Hose Clips, the Plastic Worm Drive Clamp, the Double Wire Screw Clamp, and finally the Mini Screw Clip.

Worm Gear & Screw Clamps

Heavy Duty Clamps

Cable Retention, Cable Ties & P Clips

To complement the range of Hose Clamps HCL also offer number of cable retention solutions including their own product the Smart® Tie Heavy Duty Cable Tie, the Tyco range of Ball Lock Metal Ties & Reusable Metal Cable Ties, Rubber Lined Metal P Clips and Micro Plastics Nylon P clips.

Cable Retention

Banding & Strapping

HCL Offers their own unique Composite Polymer Banding solutions. These Include the Smart® Band Standard & Hybrid Product ranges alongside the standard Metal or Steel Strapping products widely available.

Banding & Strapping

Installation Tools

Finally in order to facilitate effective operation & use of all the products on offer HCL manufacture and source a wide range of installation tools for the Hose Clips, Cable Ties & Banding products.

Installation Tooling

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